Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's that time of the year

Ahhhhh. The roads are congested, the grocery store is crowded, and the people at the local Walmart have started elbowing me out of the way so they can get to that certain toy. It can only mean one thing. Christmas!

I love Christmas. I'm a giver, you know, those crazy people who would rather give something than receive. So I love to shop, maybe a little too much. This year for christmas for Baby A and Monkey C we spent over 500.00. That's crazy to me. 500.00 on a kid who has frequent temper tantrums, and a baby who would rather be on the boob anyway.

I think one of the reasons we spent so much is because last year we couldn't spend anything. We depended on Toys For Tots and the lovely secret santa at the bank who got Monkey C everything on his wish list.

This year our monkey took his little bit of allowance one week to the dollar store and bought three presents to donate. He cleaned out his closet and put all of the toys that weren't broken into a bag. We posted on freecycle, and he got to pick the family they went to.

Sometimes my son irks my nerves, but there are days like these when I know the world is a better place with him in it (if even only a little bit)

Did you donate to Toys For Tots this year? Have you ever gotten a little help?

P.s. Sorry the post is a little choppy, posting from my phone.
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Sometimes it pays to be first! Congrats to Heather B! Enjoy your T-Shirt Diapeze.

I found Kristin over at through another giveaway I was trying to win. I didn't win, but her work was so amazing that when she said she was going to have Grinch diapeze for sale, well, I had to have one!

Here's a little about diapeze from their website:
Outside Cover/Shell is made with a cotton print with a layer of PUL, and a sateen cotton layer inside. The tabs inside the diapeze hold the insert in place. The inserts are minky top, cotton soaker and PUL bottom. The heavy wetter option (Nighteze) has a targeted area of extra absorption.

The prices over at are very affordable, the owner is supremely courteous and helpful, and her designs are second to none. The diapeze (medium) fits Baby A perfectly! The leg gussets are tight, the waist is comfortable, and no red marks. The insert is the softest I have seen, it's like butter. It also contains my breastfed baby's runny poo, always a plus. The hidden layer of PUL works just as it should. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it is too cute to poop on. I almost didn't let her wear it, but it help up to the poop, the washer, and the dryer. It came out just as good as new.

Do you want your chance to try Diapeze? is offering a $10 gc to one lucky reader! Not only does she have her diapeze, she also has wipeze, towleze, and bibeze! Use your $10 to try out any of her EZ products, and take a load off of yourself by making your life a little easier :)

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You have until 12/27 at 9pm EST to enter, the winner will be picked by

I was offered NOTHING to do this review, I paid for the diaper and I love it. was nice enough to offer a giftcard to one of my readers when I told her I wanted to review it. Enjoy your diapeze!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

About Me!

I'm the mom who lives the misadventures. My name's Tiffany, most often called Mommy by the little monkeys that live in my house. I have three kidlets. C Monkey who is five, Baby A who is seven months, and Angel D who passed away shortly after he was born. I'm a full time Mommy, part time care taker of an older lady, and I also referree, cook, chauffer, nanny . . . the list goes on and on, but I guess you can count all of that in the mommy category.

A little about the kids:

Angel D would be six years old, he was my first baby. He lived for short time after he was born (59 minutes on his death certificate) because of a birth defect that was incompatible with life. It's called Cloacal Dysgenesis Sequence. Mommy still misses him.

Monkey C is a monkey. He will climb on anything he can get his hands up on. He loves cars, his mom, being spoiled and causing mayhem. And boy can he cause mayhem . . . He dislikes bath time, any type of meat, and car rides that aren't to the toy store.

Baby A is the youngest out of the bunch. She's also spoiled. She enjoys drooling, blowing raspberries, and eating. Her least favorite thing to do is sleep, Believe me, I know.

I hope to soon bring you reviews, and maybe some giveaways, of some WAHM products that I've grown to love, and some I haven't even heard of. I'd also like to take you through the misadventures that make up our life. Welcome to the nut house.