Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's that time of the year

Ahhhhh. The roads are congested, the grocery store is crowded, and the people at the local Walmart have started elbowing me out of the way so they can get to that certain toy. It can only mean one thing. Christmas!

I love Christmas. I'm a giver, you know, those crazy people who would rather give something than receive. So I love to shop, maybe a little too much. This year for christmas for Baby A and Monkey C we spent over 500.00. That's crazy to me. 500.00 on a kid who has frequent temper tantrums, and a baby who would rather be on the boob anyway.

I think one of the reasons we spent so much is because last year we couldn't spend anything. We depended on Toys For Tots and the lovely secret santa at the bank who got Monkey C everything on his wish list.

This year our monkey took his little bit of allowance one week to the dollar store and bought three presents to donate. He cleaned out his closet and put all of the toys that weren't broken into a bag. We posted on freecycle, and he got to pick the family they went to.

Sometimes my son irks my nerves, but there are days like these when I know the world is a better place with him in it (if even only a little bit)

Did you donate to Toys For Tots this year? Have you ever gotten a little help?

P.s. Sorry the post is a little choppy, posting from my phone.
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  1. Girl who can really blame you for going all out when you never got the chance to anything the previous year?! I'm sure it feels insane to spend that much on 2 kiddos but at the same time I'm sure that it feels so wonderful knowing that you were able to. It seems like you are in a much better place than you were last year. I haven't personally donated anything to the Toys For Tots but then again we don't celebrate Christmas but I will say that I do an awful lot of donating to the Good Will all year long. I even gave a full box (probably $400 worth) of books I only read once to a cashier at the Lowe's that is always reading books at her register. She gives DH her discount since he shops there several times every day. I figured it was a way to pay it forward.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year.